The Final Test Drive

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After a long and exhaustive search, countless hours researching cars, and far too many test-drives that my family has had to endure, I have finally come to the conclusion on what sports car I will be purchasing. On October 21st I had the opportunity to try a new Lotus Evora S in Carbon Grey Metalic. The car was striking, in both looks and quality. The Lotus Evora has long been on my list, however finding one to try has proven to be difficult. For this test drive, I needed to drive over 2 hours south where BMW dealership had taken the vehicle in a trade with just over 1000 miles on it.

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The interior was of quality leather and materials, brilliant red piping stitched throughout, mechanical seat adjustments (YAY!) and a simple to use interior. The ergonomics were to be desired, but everything was pretty straightforward. Getting into this variant, the pre-400 model, was not as bad as I was reading by comparison. The backseat was suitable for small children, but even being only 5’9 I had to push my seat up to an uncomfortable position if my son were to sit behind me. Fortunately, my fiance is even shorter than me so he can sit behind her. The dash gauges were smaller than most cars, but then again this IS NOT like most sports cars. The paddle shifters were to my surprise made of aluminium, it seems everyone likes to produce cars with plastic flappy paddles but not Lotus.

This Lotus was equipped with the automatic transmission and while I have decided to make my next sports car purchase my first manual car, I never considered the automatic. I rather felt forced into this as no other options were available within a reasonable distance; the next manual Evora was a 9-hour drive to Pensylvania. While I was sceptical of the automatic, I went in with an open mind as the automatic does present its own positives regardless if its a slushbox. Initial justifications were lifetime maintenance costs, and well that was about it really. I found shifts to be smooth and fairly quick, much to my surprise really. I have read the latest transmission ECU flash from Lotus will help speed things up a bit, however.

My test drive was brief, we zipped through some decent back roads and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to open the car up – get a real sense of what this fine automobile is capable of. What I was left with is something that cannot be written by explanation, this car handles like a dream. It triumphs all other sports cars I have tested in the last 6 months. At the end of the day, I was confident in saying I will be purchasing a Lotus in the very near future.

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